180 Solutions is an independent telecommunications consulting firm. We are known for our ability to compliment your IT and Telecom services team, becoming an integral part of your telecom cost management efforts.

Performance-Based Services

Our Performance-Based Services allow us to conduct a detailed review of all your organization’s telecom expenses (including, but not limited to local, long distance, wireless, data/internet and cloud services), with the goal of correcting your invoices, reducing your telecom costs, and negotiating better terms and pricing from your vendors.  And as this is a Performance-Based engagement, if we don’t find any savings, there is no cost to you.

Our Performance-Based Services include:

  • Correction of and securing credits for all billing errors
  • Negotiation of pricing for better rates/fees and terms, including hidden plans and pricing opportunities
  • Validation of services
  • Identification of standard inefficiencies
  • Line-by-Line audits of all bills

Performance-Based Deliverables

All 180 Solutions partners have total access to our exclusive client portal, allowing you to manage everything from a single location that provides transparent reporting, accountability and custom access to better manage your telecom.

Available Custom Reports Include:

  • Initial bill log
  • Summary of case findings
  • Overview of services
  • Real-time reporting and a log of our activity and efforts
  • Impact report
  • Billing documentation

Telecommunications Support Services

Technology continues to emerge and change, especially in communications.  Navigating the endless options in technology and the vendors that offer those services can be a very time consuming and expensive initiative.  180 Solutions simplifies, quantifies and outlines the impact to your organization.

Our Support Services program utilizes a flat fee structure, enabling you to maintain ongoing, error-free invoicing.  We address any telecommunications related needs your company may have in managing your vendor relationships so you can focus your time and efforts elsewhere, while being assured errors will not occur.  In addition, any changes we recommend to your current plans are made with the goal of achieving the greatest cost savings possible.

Our Support Services benefit companies experiencing frustration with the amount of time it takes to work with their vendors, or who don’t have the experience or expertise to dedicate to managing their telecom services and expenses.  This includes:

Expense Supervision

  • Cost reduction
  • Cost management
  • Monthly invoice review
  • Proactive cost avoidance

Help Desk

  • Process moves, additions, changes and equipment acquisition for local, long distance, data, wireless and cloud services.
  • Instead of committing time to call your vendors for these requests, we take this tedious step off your plate.

Network Services Inventory

  • Phone and data devices
  • Wireless lines
  • Data lines
  • Local lines
  • Long distance lines
  • Circuit ID’s, cost centers, features, etc.

Telecommunications Consulting Services (Block-of-Time)

Our Block-of-Time service is an ala carte offering that provides consulting hours for virtually any telecom related special projects.  The Block-of-Time is designed to provide expert help with telecom projects, including:

  • Telephony and Technology Migrations
  • Outage Management
  • Vendor Escalation
  • Help Desk Support
  • Bill Management
  • RFP’s
  • Cost Allocations
  • Moving Locations
  • Wireless & Landline Inventory
  • Moves, Adds, Changes & Upgrades
  • Project Management

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