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Business Summary

180 Solutions is a full-service independent consulting firm that specializes in telecom cost reduction and cost management. We hire experts from within the telecom industry to eliminate the frustration and waste for our business clients across the nation.

The focus of this job is making connections with people, motivating, and inspiring them to achieve results. Poise and an engaging, empathetic communication style based on natural warmth and enthusiasm is the key to achieving the goals of this job. The work involves driving toward results by enrolling the commitment and buy-in of others. While the job requires strong initiative and self-direction, results are only achieved with and through people. A sincere appreciation for people and how they are each uniquely motivated is the foundation for designing and implementing interactive communication and decision-making processes. Knowledge and skill in how to successfully influence and persuade others by understanding how their individual needs and motivations link to goals is essential. The job requires a high degree of “selling”, whether of ideas and policies within the organization, or products or services in the marketplace. The job environment is fast paced and results oriented. While there is urgency to goal achievement, responsibility for the achievement of results needs to be shared and effectively delegated when necessary. Initiating projects and processes beyond established organization practices will often require training and developing others and enlisting their support by using a “selling” rather “telling” communication style. A self-confident, extroverted style that can enliven, engage, and positively impact individuals and groups is essential. The job has variety of tasks and is dynamic and changing. Because goals and desired results can quickly change, the job requires regularly meeting and pro-actively establishing relationships with new groups. The ability to understand, quickly react and motivate others to adapt to the changing organization environment is a critical key to success. In general, the core of this position requires a motivated and motivating team builder and organization developer.


  • Variety of activities; multiple projects occurring simultaneously, multi-tasking. Sense of urgency for goal achievement.  Fast-paced environment
  • People/relationships focused. Team building.  Inspire, motivate others, and engage their commitment.
  • Involve others in decision-making process. Cooperative, collaborative decision-making; must assume responsibility for risk
  • Extroverted, warm, enthusiastic, empathetic. Stimulating communicator.  Persuasive “selling” style.  Collaborative approach
  • Leadership based on ability to motivate others.
  • Strong commitment to results.
  • Delegate authority readily.

Job Description:

The Account Manager is responsible for managing relationships and engagements with our clients. An ideal candidate will have vast knowledge of telecommunications carriers and services, specializing in landline services with an understanding of wireless services.

Responsibilities include:

  • Management of client telecom invoices for local, long distance, data, wireless, phone system maintenance, and cloud.
  • Managing our resources to best correct, reduce and negotiate our client’s telecom expenses.
  • Management of client’s telecom service providers.
  • Managing the teams’ efforts with moves, adds, changes, upgrades, technology migrations, etc., for all client telecommunications services.
  • Lead vendor escalations.
  • Creating custom reports.
  • Managing special projects for various clients related to their telecom services.


  • 2-years’ experience in resolving billing issues, conducting contract negotiations, and customer retention with a telecommunications provider.
  • Experience in wireless services with an understanding of other core competency areas (Local, Long Distance, Data, Wireless, VoIP, Cloud Services).
  • Helpdesk experience a plus
  • The ability to work in a team of consultants.
  • Topflight organizational skills: the ability to multi-task and manage many projects at once.
  • The ability to build and maintain vendor relationships.